HIV Educator Linda Felix M.A.T. joins Monique tonight on ‘Walking with Spirit’ to discuss the HIV epidemic in America today. This is a disease many of us have forgotten about or we think it has been contained in third world countries. Tune in for some shocking information on HIV and how we can prevent the spread today.


By Donna Seebo ©January 6, 2010
International Mental Practitioner/Psychic, Counselor, Teacher, Minister, Award-Winning Author and Talk Show Host of “The Donna Seebo Show”
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I was asked by Monique to write a short article regarding how to avoid psychic scammers/frauds.

My background as a psychic, researcher, student, minister and professional counselor in the metaphysical/ psychic arena covers over 40 years of experience. I do not claim to know everything regarding the psychic area but I can share with you my perception at this point in time.

Usually we seek out a psychic when we are in difficult or traumatic circumstances. We are confused, seeking answers to help us with clarity, understanding and hopefully gain insights into our life. We seek hope. We ask questions; Is there reason for this agony in my life? Is there life after death? Can I communicate with love ones? The list of questions is infinite and individual in need.

I would like to make some points of information:
1. Everyone of us has a level of intuition. It is stronger in some than others. Like any skill it can be cultivated and developed. Every culture in the world has their seers/shamens.
2. A good psychic is an information resource. At no time should you turn over your decision making to another person. Your mind, your life, belongs to you. When you visit a psychic understand their mind skills are a tool to utilize with thoughtful examination.
3. A professional will have a fee for their time and won’t have any thing tagged on like ‘must buy candles, herbs or other stuff’.
Now that I have brought forward these points let’s see if I can help you address the question of how do you evaluate a psychic?
1. How does the individual present themselves? Do they ask for lots of personal information in advance? Do they have a good reputation? What specific skills do they focus on? What tools do they use? These are points of evaluation you should consider. A psychic is not a one size fits all person. Some may have skills relating to finding lost person’s or psychometry, or communicating with people who have passed on or be a medical intuitive. There are many different ways psychic ability can be demonstrated and utilized. Also, a psychic does not know all, see all or tell all. This is a false perception many people have because of myths developed through the years and portrayals in movie and television.
2. How do you find a psychic? Usually a reference by a friend starts you off. Be prepared if the individual is a professional there will be a fee. You also can attend psychic fairs and functions that enable you to meet lots of talented people in a good and safe environment. You also may find that a friend who is starting to develop their skills will be an introduction to the psychic development process and will want you to help them out by practicing with you.

Psychic fairs, I feel, along with other events that may evolve in your area are a great way to explore different modalities. The fees are very reasonable and you’ll find the people who participate are usually happy to share their stories and take time to talk with you about how they discovered their talents. Be curious, ask questions. Be willing to explore new concepts, new ideas.

1. The most important and biggest learning point is – TRUST – trust your own intuition. Trusting yourself, your feeling takes time. Listen to your intuitive sense when you are seeking out a psychic. There will be a harmonic empathy between you and that individual that will be felt almost immediately. You’ll also know when that empathy isn’t there. By encountering different people in different environments and utilizing their talents you’ll find what fits you best.

2. Be alert to a psychic to starts off by asking you a lot of questions instead of them telling you what they perceive about you. A red flag of caution should rise in your mind. Remember they are to provide you with information not the other way around.

3. Do make notes or tape the session(s) you have with psychics. Remember too that there is no space or time in the Universe and sometimes events and conditions are perceived with no time frames. Documenting the information will prove useful for review at a later time.

Are there frauds in the psychic area? Of course there are but no more than in any other area of expertise. I would like to encourage you to have fun and enjoy your exploration of interacting with the different expressions of psychic talent as the process will enable you to pay attention to your own psychic abilities . This exploration will open up your life to a whole new liberating perspective of life and its purpose.

Enjoy your journey and remember always:
“You are the Master of Your Fate and the Captain of Your Soul”

Sincere blessing and best wishes,
Donna Seebo http://www.delphiinternational.com

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This is a very touching true story of a mother dealing with her child’s crossing over. During this time of thankfulness I am thankful and honored to share this story with you by Kimberly Wencl

Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle of Life Back Together

Sometimes tragedies happen in our lives and they shake us to the very core of our being. Life as we once knew it no longer exists. The puzzle that is our life has been thrown on the floor and the pieces are scattered everywhere – some pieces are forever lost. Our job then becomes an exercise in trying to pick up the pieces that are left and put them back together so that the puzzle can still be productive – and, still serve a purpose in the world. It is very possible that the puzzle will come together in a new way, perhaps even better than before – it is also possible for this new puzzle that is now your life to bring you joy, healing and peace.

Do we wish all of the pieces of the puzzle were still there? You bet we do. We would love to turn back the clock before the puzzle pieces of life were strewn on the floor – to the way it use to be – but we cannot. So, we will use this new puzzle the best way we can and with a lot of help from The Universe. We do find happiness again, we are joyful even, and we use the puzzle to make the world a better place in ways we could have never even imagined with the old puzzle.

This little story of the puzzle best represents the story of my life these past six plus years. Monique has so graciously asked me to write this expose for her blog. Putting a puzzle back together is a process and it takes time, patience, and hard work. It is always a work in progress … and so is this journey that is now my life.

It all began on September 12, 1983 – the day I learned what love was all about – it was the day that Elizabeth Jean came into my life – the day my oldest daughter was born. She was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. She had a massive head of wild black hair and the biggest blue eyes ever. My parents came to see their first grandchild just a few hours after her birth and she lifted up her head and looked right at them as if to say, here I am … oh she was special, our little Elizabeth … we wouldn’t learn just how special until twenty years later.

Elizabeth was smart, she was witty, and she was very outgoing. You never knew what she would do or say. It was that way her entire life, and I adored her beyond measure. However, as she entered high school things began to change. Liz began to take many chances, she was making very poor decisions and she was throwing a wonderful life away … and we could never figure out why. She smoked, she drank, she experimented with drugs and we were beside ourselves with worry and fear. I was certain though that one day she would come to her senses and realize that her choices were so self-destructive, but it never happened.

During the summer of 2001, in between her Junior and Senior years in high school, she went on a three week trip to France and Spain put on by her high school language department. She was so excited to be going, and we were equally excited as well. I remember breathing a huge sigh of relief as we exited the airport. It was a welcome break from our very head strong, rebellious daughter.

While she was away my sister Sue told me of this new show on TV. It’s this guy who claims to have the ability to speak to the dead. I was immediately interested and I started to watch the show at every opportunity. The man was John Edward and his show was Crossing Over.

He had a room full of people and was giving out messages from deceased loved ones that seem to make perfect sense for those receiving them. I remember thinking to myself, “if I ever lose someone close to me, I sure would want to be on that show.” In the next instant I would think, but how would that ever happen?

Liz returned from Europe deathly ill. She had mono and salmanella poisoning, and she spent the rest of her summer at home in bed. No more parties or late nights … it was wonderful. It also meant Liz was a captive audience, and I tried very hard to get her to watch Crossing Over with me.

She watched it once and she would never watch it again, and I could never figure out why. Was it because she didn’t believe it, or was she just not interested? After all, death played no part in her life — she thought she was invincible.

In the end it didn’t matter. The important thing was she knew that I was a big believer. I tell this story because I believe my immediate connection with Liz after her death was due in large part because she knew I would be receptive.

Liz graduated from high school in 2002 and was accepted into the University of Minnesota. She had very lofty ideals for herself but yet, the demons of alcohol and drugs still plagued her. She loved the U. She was living in an exciting metropolitan area, she was getting good grades, and she was making many diverse friends. All goals she had set for herself and we were thrilled to see her so happy.

She completed her freshman year and moved home for the summer of 2003. She got her old job back at the restaurant and she made a good amount of money. She was so excited – she and six of her closest friends had found an off-campus duplex to rent for the upcoming school year, and she was so happy to be taking this next step of independence by living on her own.

Ever since my daughters started kindergarten I would always take them shopping for new clothes before the start of each new school year. 2003 would be no exception … but … there was a very good possibility that my job would be out-sourced and I could very well find myself standing in the unemployment line. I really questioned whether or not we should still go shopping. In the end, I threw caution to the wind and we went anyway. We had a wonderful day together. I really don’t like to shop, but that day I truly enjoyed myself, despite my dislike of large malls … or my mounting credit card bill. I said to the girls several times that day, “You’d better enjoy this girls, because this may be the last time we ever get to do this.” What I thought I meant was, if I lost my job we would no longer have money for shopping. However, three weeks later Liz was gone. It took awhile before the realization hit me, some part of me had known that Liz was leaving.

We moved Liz into her duplex on September 1, 2003. It was a very hot, sunny Labor Day and we left town with every possession she could cram in. We got to the house and started to unload. We pushed and pulled her mattress and box spring up the long, narrow stairway to the bedroom she was sharing with Amanda. I volunteered to put the bed together while Liz and Roger continued to bring things in.

I was alone in her room and when I finished with the sheets and bedspread, I impulsively pushed the bed up against the wall as close as I could get it. There was a large double window there and I just stood and stared out for a few minutes. I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “if anything ever happens, she can always jump out this window.” Ironically, however, that window was just inches away for her when she died and she couldn’t even get to it.

In late September Roger and I were going to northern Minnesota on a four-day fishing trip with my parents. I struggled with whether to tell Liz we were going. I worried that if she knew we were not at home she might decide to come home, bring her friends, and have a party. In the end we didn’t tell her. We were going up north and we would come home, and she would never know the difference.

However, as the events of Saturday, September 20th unfolded, I again learned of the real reason we hadn’t told her of our trip. It wasn’t because she would throw a wild party. It was because had she known that we were not at home she never would have called us from the Minnesota Wild Hockey game on that night of Friday, September 19th. It was a message on our answering machine that we listened to the next day, upon returning home, after learning of the early morning house fire that had taken her life and the lives of two of her roommates, Amanda and Brian.

“Hi Mom, it’s Liz – I’m at the game and I just wanted to call and thank you for the tickets you gave me – the seats are really awesome …. so…. thanks a lot …. bye.

That message was truly a God-send. We will always have the sound of our daughter’s voice, what a precious gift. We still have it today recorded on our computer and it plays occasionally as I listen to music and play my daily games of spider solitaire.

My beautiful daughter was dead and it was so shocking and unbelievable. Stuff like this happens to other people … not to me. But it was real, and I had to very quickly somehow try to begin to come to terms with how quickly life had changed.

The way that Liz, Brian and Amanda died brought a new dimension to a very private grief … the media. They were everywhere in just a few short hours after the fire, and they called our home incessantly and one TV station even came to our door the night she died; rang our doorbell and asked to speak to us. They just wanted to know how we felt. I thought, are you kidding me? How do we feel? Our daughter died today, how on earth do you think we feel? Needless to say, we turned them away.

The next day I did the single hardest thing I have ever had to do … plan my daughter’s funeral.

It was eerily quiet as we walked through the doors of the funeral home that morning. It was incredibly difficult to be in this place of death knowing that somewhere in the building was my daughter’s body. But we sucked it up and pulled ourselves together and we did what had to be done.

It didn’t take long for the realization to hit me that there was nothing for Liz to be buried in, and I would have to go out and buy something. The girl I had just taken shopping three weeks ago had nothing to wear and she would get yet another new outfit. It was so fitting, but I was beside myself. We never agreed on clothes; and now, in this difficult state of mind, I had to go pick out her final new outfit? I said, “Liz, you have got to help me here. I have absolutely no idea what to pick.” I knew I would go to a store in the mall where she used to work because she did like the clothes there. I walked around the store and it took only a few minutes to pick out a pair of khaki pants and a light blue sweater. “I think this is it, “ I told my sister. Would Liz approve? I didn’t know, but in the scope of things, even if I didn’t get it right, did it really matter?

I will never forget my surprise, my amazement, my complete utter joy, when a few days later my sister-in-law casually mentioned that she had found a picture of Liz taken at our last Christmas gathering, and guess what? She was wearing a pair of khaki pants and a light blue sweater! That made me smile.

I was completely and utterly terrified as the day of the visitation arrived. How would I ever get through this day? To stand in a room with my daughter in a casket was beyond my comprehension, much less be able to converse with people in some sort of civilized manner. I cried out to God and begged him to please, please help me, and he very much did.

Don’t get me wrong, losing someone you love so intensely … it was everything that you would imagine it to be, and then some. But underneath all of that, I knew with complete certainty that God was truly in control of this situation, no matter how difficult it was. It was a feeling of peace and serenity that I had never, ever experienced before and it is very difficult to put into words. But it was there and it got me through those very difficult first hours, days, weeks and months. And, to a certain extent it is still with me today, over six years later

A very curious and amazing thing happened through the first week of her death. I learned that three people had received a sign from her and that she was OK and I was not to worry.

The first to tell me was Cassie, one of Liz’s closest high school friends. She came through the line at the funeral home. She hugged me, and said, “Kim, I just want you to know Liz has come to me and let me know that she is OK.” All I could do at that point, was thank her for having the courage to tell me. Two days later she came to my house and we were standing in my kitchen. I said, “Cassie, please tell me what happened when you got that message from Liz.” “I can’t explain it, she said. I was driving around in my car thinking of all of the memories I had with her, and suddenly she was just there. I couldn’t see her, but I could feel her, and she said, “Cassie, you don’t have to worry about me, I’m OK.” Wow, that is amazing I thought, and I thanked and hugged Cassie again for being brave enough to tell me something that could have easily been construed as completely ridiculous, utterly impossible, or even ludicrous.

A day after the funeral my Mom was back at the cemetery. As she stood and stared at the overturned earth and all the flowers strewn upon it she thought to herself, “Liz, if you’re OK, please give me a sign.” After a few more minutes of contemplation she started to walk back home. At some point during that walk, two monarch butterflies flew up in front of her, seemingly out of nowhere.

It was perfect because my Mom was insistent that we should release butterflies at the cemetery after the funeral. It was good idea, but no one knew where to find butterflies, not even the florist. My Mom would not be deterred. She went on the Internet, found a company in California that supplied butterflies, ordered them, and had them delivered in time for the funeral; quite a feat, for someone who even on a good day had trouble remembering how to check her email. So, two butterflies flying up in front of her made complete sense. And, she understood that it was her sign, and she told my sister, and my sister told me.

On Saturday, September 27th one week after the fire, the burned out duplex was open for the families and surviving roommates to go in and retrieve anything that could be salvaged.

My husband, Roger, made two trips to the house that day. The second time he was alone in the jeep, with only the highway and his thoughts to keep him company. He told me later he was thinking of all of the events of the previous week and then he thought to himself, “well, I’m bringing her stuff home, but I just wish I was bringing her home instead.” Suddenly, he heard his daughter’s voice, loud and crystal clear — “I’m already home, Dad,” she said.

Roger acknowledged this as a sign and he actually told me. I considered that to be a miracle as well. And I thought — this is amazing — three different signs for three different people all within a week? Each sign was completely different, but so appropriate for each person.

I said, “This is great Liz, but, I’m not ready yet. When I am, I’ll let you know.” I didn’t have to wait very long and I didn’t even have to ask. Before I knew it, it was October 20th, the one month anniversary of her death. I was so distraught I couldn’t go to work. Instead, I stayed home, read through all of the cards we had received, continued to work on thank you notes, and had a few good cries.

My younger daughter, Anna, came home from school and Roger came home from work. We had supper and Roger and Anna went into the computer room to download pictures. I cleaned up the kitchen, and as I put the last of the dishes in the cupboard, our smoke alarm went off. It was blaring, and I couldn’t tell which part of the house it was coming from. I immediately ran downstairs through the family room and each of the girl’s bedrooms. There was no smoke or any sign of a fire anywhere, and still the alarm continued to blare.

I ran back upstairs through the laundry room, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and down the hall to the bedrooms. I got half way down the hall and the alarm just quit. I stopped short and just stood there dumbfounded. Our alarms have never gone off like that before I thought. I heard Roger and Anna talking as if nothing had happened. Then I realized — they didn’t hear the alarm. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. That was Liz! It made perfect sense –a smoke alarm on the one-month anniversary? Of course! She had given me a sign, I got it, and I didn’t even have to ask! Wow, wow, wow — this really was amazing!!

A few days later I thought, OK, I get it. I bet this means she will give me a sign on the 20th of every month. As November 20th grew closer I started to ask her. OK Liz, I said, I’m ready for another sign on November 20th. I told her that several times a day for over a week. Only November 20th came and went, and nothing happened. I guess that theory goes out the window, I thought to myself.

The next day was Friday, November 21st, and it was just a typical day. It was a little past 10 pm. and I was in my usual spot, sprawled out on the couch, fast asleep. But, for some reason, I woke up, grabbed the TV remote, and changed the channel, all done very mechanically and without any thought.

The news was on and they were showing scenes for an upcoming story. They showed a cemetery and they zoomed in on a gravesite. There was a wind chime at that gravesite that was identical to the wind chime we had at Liz’s grave at the time. It got my attention, and I knew it was crucial that I watched this story. I wondered what it could be.

The story was about a woman who lived in Minneapolis, and she could communicate with people who had died. I couldn’t believe it. They showed her in a room with four other people and she went to each one and gave them very specific details about their loved one.

When I awoke the next morning I thought, did that really happen, or was that just a dream? I didn’t even know this woman’s name. I went on the web site of the television station to try to find some evidence of that story the night before. I couldn’t find anything about the story, but I did stumble upon the email address of the reporter who had done it.

I decided to send her an email. I told her who I was and that my daughter was one of the U of M students who had died in that off-campus house fire on September 20th. I had seen her story last night about the woman who speaks to the dead. Did she know if this woman did this for regular people, and if so, how could I contact her?

I sent off the email and a few hours later I checked, and I already had a reply. Her name is Kathryn Harwig, Randi told me. I’m sure she would see you. She gave me Kathryn’s personal email address and told me to tell her that she had sent me. As it turned out, Randi had gone to Kathryn for a session of her own to deal with her father’s death. She had first-hand knowledge. It was amazing, she said, and it had helped her tremendously, and she was a different person because of it.

It took me a couple of days to get up the courage to email Kathryn. I did, but I was very careful not to give her much information. All I said was, I had lost someone very close to me, did she do readings for people? Kathryn answered me very quickly as well. The first thing she said was how sorry she was for my loss. Yes, she did readings for people, and she had a website with all of the pertinent information.

I immediately went to her web site and the first thing that came up was her biography. I started to read it and I just couldn’t believe it.

Kathryn’s college majors were Psychology and Sociology – the same as Liz’s. She had also attended the University of Minnesota to get her Master’s in Criminal Justice and she worked for many years supervising dangerous criminals. Liz’s career goal had been to become a Criminal Psychologist and work with dangerous criminals. I could never understand her desire to do that kind of work, but it had been her goal for a number of years.

The similarities between Liz and Kathryn were overwhelming in my mind, and I took this as a huge sign that my daughter was in on this and would come through for me. Why Kathryn even drove a Saturn. I laughed uncontrollably when I read that. We had a Saturn for nine years, it was to become Liz’s car, until she had an accident and totaled it.

I made an appointment with Kathryn, but once I did, I started to question my sanity on a daily basis. Who did I think I was kidding? How could I possibly think I could talk to Liz? She was dead. It’s just not possible. But, what if it is possible? I had to find out.

I was driving myself crazy and finally out of desperation I sent another email to Randi, the reporter who had been so nice to me. Randi, I said, I’m a wreck, I’ve made my appointment to see Kathryn, but what if I get there and nothing happens? Then it will just be a big mistake and I’ll have to admit that it was nothing more than the fantasy of a grieving mother. Did she have any doubts before she went to her session?

Randi quickly responded. “Kim, what you are feeling is completely normal, she told me. I was very concerned my Dad wouldn’t be there, but he arrived before I did. And it was amazing.” She told me to talk to Liz and ask her to please come. Do it everyday she said. Kathryn says spirits love to help, but they need to be asked. OK, that’s not hard; I can do that. And, I did. In fact, I did it many times a day. I did it so much I could almost hear Liz saying, “OK already, will you quit bugging me! You know I’ll be there!”

Finally the day arrived. I got to Kathryn’s studio, and I had to force myself to get out of the car. My legs felt like dead weights. But, I’d come way too far to turn back now. So I walked up the steps and rang the bell. The door opened and there she was. She welcomed me into her beautiful studio. A large window brought lots of light into a very white, beautiful room. I sat down on her large comfortable couch, took a deep breath, and all my anxieties just seemed to fade away. Kathryn took my hand, studied it and started to talk.

“Your parents are coming through and they don’t approve.” Well, that was for sure. I hadn’t even thought of telling them, as I knew they would not.

Then there’s a man. He says he’s your guide and he wants to know if you want to take his hand and go on this journey with him. Yes, I said. And now there’s a girl. She says she’s your daughter. Do you want to talk to her? Yes, that is the reason that I am here.

The next hour was amazing … painful, but amazing. And it left little doubt in my mind that Kathryn was indeed talking to my girl. She captured the essence of her personality perfectly. “Yes, I died but so what! she said to Kathryn. Sounds like something my wild and crazy daughter would say. But, before I knew it, the hour was up and I had run out of things to ask or say to her. But yet, I didn’t want it to end.

I was in a fog and it took a few days for it to clear. I couldn’t get over just how amazing my experience had been. Kathryn had done thousands of readings for people; but yet, she knew just how important this was for me. She was incredible and I felt a connection to her that I just didn’t understand.

The reading I had so anticipated had come and now it was over. Now what? Do I just file this away in my memory as one of the highlights of my life? No way. I still had my foot in the door of this new world and I was not about to let it slam shut.

I went back to see Kathryn on several occasions. On one occasion, I sat down on the couch, and she gave me a little blue bag with something in it. Here, she said Liz asked me to give you this. Nervously, my fingers pulled the strings apart, and I reached in and pulled out a long slender crystal on a small string.

This is a pendulum and I’m going to show you how to use it. Then whenever you need to talk to Liz you can. Hold it between your fingers, and take your other hand and make it be still.

I held it and made it stop moving. Now say, “show me yes.” Out loud or in my mind, I asked. Either way is fine Kathryn said. So out loud I said, show me yes. And I watched. I was not moving my hand at all, but slowly the pendulum started to rock towards me. That means yes. Now, say show me no. I steadied it again so it was not moving and said, show me no. Once again, slowly it began to move, only this time it moved from left to right, totally different from the yes command. Wow, I was not moving my hand at all.

Now let’s ask some questions. Ask if Liz is here. I took a deep breath. Liz, are you here? Immediately, the crystal started to move vigorously in the yes motion.

Once again I walked out the door an hour later numb and stunned, but this time, I was filled with joy and happiness because I now had a way to talk to my girl whenever I wanted to. I went home and that night I started to write down as many yes or no questions as I could possibly think of. I would use the pendulum daily and ask her questions until I ran out. I’m sure by about day three she had to be getting annoyed, because I could no longer think of new questions so I kept asking her the same things over and over again.

I thought, OK this isn’t working. I said, OK Liz let’s talk every Tuesday at 4:30 pm. So Tuesday would roll around, I would get out the pendulum … Liz was there … but after a while we just didn’t have that much to talk about … at least that could be answered with yes or no.

That wasn’t working either. Now I only use the pendulum when I really feel compelled to. Holidays are incredibly difficult for me, but it is so reassuring to know that Liz is with me on those days, even though I can’t see or feel her. I know she is because the pendulum says so.

I had started down the path of mastering my own intuition and I wanted more. But how could I? I went on Kathryn’s website and saw she offered classes! That was it. I asked Kathryn to take me on as a student and she agreed.

I had been struggling for quite a while, trying to figure out why all of this was happening to me. I loved it all so much, but I thought there has got to be some reason why I was receiving all of these signs and messages from Liz, not to mention the amazing opportunity to interact with a world-renowned psychic and author. The implications of it all just seemed way too important not to share with the world … or at least, my world and the people who I dealt with on a daily basis.

But I knew with the experiences I had just with my own family that not everyone would embrace this or believe it. I drove myself crazy trying to figure out who I was suppose to tell and who I wasn’t. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I was fed up. I said, “I quit” to the Universe. If I’m supposed to share this with someone you are just going to have to give me a sign, because I am sick and tired of trying to do this on my own.

I made that little announcement on Monday. The following Friday I was at work standing at the coffee machine waiting for my third cup of Joe. I heard a voice in my head say, “you need to write and maybe you will even write a book.” What? Me, write a book? That was a pretty bold statement! I do love to write, but I don’t know anything about writing a book.

I walked back to my desk and spent most of the day thinking about that. Finally it dawned on me — it was the perfect solution to my dilemma. If I wrote a book, I wouldn’t have to decide whom to tell my story to. People who wanted to read it would, and those who weren’t interested or didn’t believe it wouldn’t. It would no longer have to be my decision. It was perfect!

I went home that night and started to write, and I knew exactly where I would start — the summer of 2001 when I first learned about spirit communication. I wrote all weekend. But, when I chose that starting point, it meant I had to re-live Liz’s senior year in high school — the year from hell.

I had never come to terms with everything she had put us through, not to mention my total lack of control over her and what I felt was my complete inability to parent. I felt I had failed her in so many ways. When she died, I secretly breathed a sigh of relief because I would never again have to feel the awful feelings of helplessness, worry, and fear over all of the poor decisions she was making.

I was sure everyone looked at Roger and me and blamed us for all of her problems. They didn’t have to say it to my face. It was everywhere. I would listen to radio and watch TV shows about troubled teens. No matter what happened, the blame always fell back on the parents. They were always at fault. I didn’t need anyone to tell me I was a miserable excuse for a mother. I told myself that on a daily basis. But, I loved her with every ounce of my being. Sometimes not even love is not enough.

So I wrote about each and every incident we went through with her. And a curious thing began to happen. As painful as it was to re-live everything and write about it, when I did I was able to let go. I forgave Liz for everything she did. She shared a good amount of blame as well. But, more importantly, I could forgive myself too, and it was a very healing event. When I finished writing about that year I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

I went to my first class and told Kathryn about the voice I had heard that told me I needed to write. “I think that is marvelous,” she said to me. Keep it up. I do have one concern, I told her. What does Liz think of my writing? It doesn’t put her in the best light. Well, she didn’t put herself in the best light, Kathryn told me. I had to admit that was true. Liz says you just wrote the truth. It wasn’t done with a mean spirit. No it sure wasn’t, that was for sure.

Liz says she learned a lot from reading about what she put you through. When she was here that was the farthest thing from her mind. All she thought about was having fun. She knew you’d be upset; parents always get upset when their kids screw up. But she had no idea just how much she hurt you. Wow, that conversation alone was worth the drive.

But after all, I was here to learn how to use my intuition. We did a simple exercise where Kathryn would say words like orange, balloon, candle, job, tree … I would make note of what happened. Did I get a visual picture, or a feeling or smell? It was all part of the intuitive process I learned. I also learned that I was a very visual person. I would see in my mind everything that Kathryn would say.

Ok, now I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to give me an answer. I’m having dinner with a friend tonight, how is that going to go? Oh boy, the pressure was on. But I closed my eyes, relaxed and focused. I could see Kathryn in a very dimly lit restaurant and she was sitting at a table waiting. My first instinct told me she was meeting a woman. But then I saw a very tall slender person come in with very short, dark curly hair wearing a man’s suit. I convinced myself that my first instinct had been wrong. I told her I thought she was meeting a man and that he would be late.

We finished and Kathryn told me that she was actually meeting a woman but she had very short dark hair and often times wore men’s suits, so she wasn’t surprised that I read her as male energy. Wow, I hadn’t been so far off after all!

This time, I’m just going to think about a question and I want you to give me an answer. And, remember, your intuition will speak to you thru symbols; so what you see or receive won’t necessarily make sense. Just relax and tell me what you are getting. I immediately saw the color red. Then, I saw a horse standing behind a fence very calmly and happily looking around. All right, your symbols are the color red and the horse, Kathryn said.

The next step is interpretation. And we always go by your interpretation of the symbols, even though I am the one asking the question. So, I need to ask you, what does the color red mean to you? Red means intensity. And, how did that scene with the horse make you feel? I felt relaxed and happy.

So the answers are: intensity, relaxed and happy. My question was: I am going on a trip to Germany in September, how will that go? Now, I’m sure it will be intense. We are going to be doing many different things and traveling all over. But, I’m also happy to hear it will be relaxed and happy.

The light bulb came on and I got this very simple, but amazing concept. That would explain why people get confused when they try to get answers for themselves and nothing makes sense. It’s done with symbols. It was something I would never have thought of. And, you always bring it back to your own sense of intuition and how it feels for you Kathryn told me. I love that because when it is your own interpretation, no one can tell you it is wrong. It is completely based on your own, individual perception of the world.

The next step is interpretation. And we always go by your interpretation of the symbols, even though I am the one asking the question. So, I need to ask you, what does the color red mean to you? Red means intensity. And, how did that scene with the horse make you feel? I felt relaxed and happy.

So the answers are: intensity, relaxed and happy. My question was: I am going on a trip to Germany in September, how will that go? Now, I’m sure it will be intense. We are going to be doing many different things and traveling all over. But, I’m also happy to hear it will be relaxed and happy.

The light bulb came on and I got this very simple, but amazing concept. That would explain why people get confused when they try to get answers for themselves and nothing makes sense. It’s done with symbols. It was something I would never have thought of. And, you always bring it back to your own sense of intuition and how it feels for you Kathryn told me. I love that because when it is your own interpretation, no one can tell you it is wrong. It is completely based on your own, individual perception of the world.

My next assignment was to make a question box. Think of questions you want answers to. Write them out on individual slips of paper and fold them up and put them in the box. Then pull one out, don’t look at it, and focus and ask for answers. Write down the symbols you get and then interpret them and see what you get. Keep track of your answers in a notebook. That sounded easy enough. You also might want to try automatic writing. You may be able to converse with Liz or your guides that way.

I did the question box exercises on a regular basis, and it was very interesting to see what I got. Sometimes the answers made perfect sense and I loved them. Other times, they were crazy and sometimes even a little scary.

I continued to work on my story. I finished it on July 10th, exactly one month to the day that I had started. I knew I would ask Kathryn to read it. I could see so many places where I was intuitive and even how things I said or did seemed to predict the tragedy that was to come. I had to hash it all out and I knew Kathryn was the one to help me.

One Saturday, I had the house to myself, and I decided to try automatic writing. I relaxed and meditated for a little while. I came out and used the pendulum to see if Liz was there; she was. I had my pen in my hand and I sat and waited for something to happen. I thought she would move the pen and make it write. What really happened was far more amazing. I heard Liz’s voice. “Hi Mom!” I said “Hi Liz.” She said, I love what you wrote, it’s all about love, and love is the key. I said, how are you? I’m fine. What are you doing? I’m having fun —I’m skiing. What kind of skiing — water-skiing. Tell everyone that I love them; especially Grandpa. I said, “I can’t do that.” I know, she said. Thanks for helping me to drive to Kathryn’s I told her. You’re welcome, she said. It was fun.

Suddenly, I said, this is really great but I have to stop. I needed to be able to go back and write down our conversation and if I didn’t quit now I knew I wouldn’t remember it. So it ended and I wrote it all down.

I thought, well that was really nice, but I don’t think that is how automatic writing is suppose to work. I decided things were going so well that I would try to have a conversation with my guide.

I started to reach for the pendulum and in my head I heard, “You don’t have to do that, I’m already here!” Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing, I asked? “Yes, you are, he said. What is your name, I asked him? You can call me Franklin. He had a British accent and I felt like he was a butler. He seemed very prim and proper, but loving.

Do you have a message for me, I asked? You are loved, he said. Is there anything else I should be doing? Hmmm, he said, let me think about that. Again, I asked if we could end because I needed to write this down. Of course he said. But we’ll do this again right? Sure he said. I said, good-bye and he just broke out laughing. I thought, why is that so funny? Then it dawned on me, of course he would think that is funny. He’s my guide, he is always with me, so there is never a need to say good-bye.

I finished and I was very pleased with how things had gone. I didn’t exactly think I had done automatic writing, but whatever that was, it sure was nice. It seemed so natural and was not one bit scary.

That afternoon I went to a family reunion and as I sat in my lawn chair I began to think about my morning activities. Suddenly it dawned on me — what I had experienced wasn’t automatic writing – it was spirit communication!!! I almost fell off my chair as the realization hit me. On Monday I called Kathryn to tell her what had happened. She was genuinely happy for me, and she didn’t seem to be at all surprised.

All I really wanted to do at my next class was talk about my story. The big burning question I had was, on some level did I know that Liz was going to die? It sure seemed that way to me.

On some level, Kathryn said, I believe that we all know everything that is going to happen. But it is on such a deep level that we would never, ever access it. So, the simple answer to your question is yes. But I’m pleased that even though you realize that you were getting premonitions of what was to come, you aren’t blaming yourself for what happened.

No — I decided very early on that I would not take the blame for this. I had lost control of Liz long before that and I would not do that to myself. I didn’t blame anyone for the fire and the deaths of three vibrant young adults. In my mind, it was simply an accident.

Kathryn said, “I think your next assignment should be to do readings for people in the Mastery Group.” I immediately started to panic and I said, “oh, I can’t possibly tell other people what to do!” “Don’t worry, she said, I’ll give you the names of several in the group. Just email them and ask them to give you a question to answer intuitively. You don’t have to call them on the phone. You can do it over email and it can be done on your own time and at your own pace.”

I calmed down and thought well of course I’ll do it because it is my assignment. But, me give intuitive readings for other people? I thought my chances of pulling that off were slim to none. But I would do it for Kathryn, because it would prove to her that I just shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing.

It was the first week of September and I sent the emails off to the three people she gave me. Two of them came back within two days with their questions. My heart sank when I saw they had replied so quickly. Oh no, I thought, now I really do have to do this, don’t I? I opened up each email and read the questions. When I did, answers immediately popped into my head.

But I can’t deal with this right now. It was September after all, the hardest month of the year for me. I have to get past the 12th and the 20th and then I’ll think about it.

So that is what I did. On the last Sunday in September, I thought I just have to answer those questions. I just want to do it and get it over with so I don’t have to think about it any more. So I went in and opened up each email again, and re-read each question. When I did, once again answers popped into my head, and I realized they were the exact same answers I had received over three weeks ago! But I wasn’t going to use them. No, I was going to print out each question on paper, fold it, put it in my question box, then pull one out, ask for a symbol and do it that way.

I was in the process of printing out each question, when I thought – no way, this is way too much work! I’m just going to use the answers that popped into my head. I’m sure they’re not right and that will prove to everyone that I have no business doing this.

I sent off the answers and waited. Marie came back first and said the answer you gave me about my dog is good. She does need to go to a dog park and I just haven’t taken her. The second answer you gave me about myself is the same answer I have received from several other psychics. What? Several other psychics — are you kidding me? That had to be a fluke.

Peggy’s questions to me were many, but they were all future questions. When she replied all she said was … sounds good! Later, when I told Kathryn that I saw Peggy working in the health care industry, possibly in a hospital, she said, well that’s interesting. Did you know Peggy was a nurse? Know she was a nurse? No way! I had no idea. You have got to be kidding me, I said. No, I’m not kidding you, she said. I could hardly breathe! How can this be? But, I still wasn’t convinced. It just had to be another lucky coincidence.

Joyce came through with a question. But when I read her question, I got absolutely nothing. Damn, I thought, now what am I going to do? But when I read her question again, I realized it wasn’t a very good intuitive question. What is to be my focus for the next six months she said? In regard to what, I thought — her job, her health, her marriage, her future? I didn’t have a clue.

I had to actually work for this one. So I focused, took a deep breath, and asked the universe for an answer to Joyce’s question. And I got one, but I really didn’t want to send it to her. It seemed so personal. Do you have a lot of headaches? I’m getting that you need to address them and you haven’t. It’s nothing serious, but you should get them checked out; go to the doctor. Get more exercise. Go for walks in the woods, breath deep, then be still and listen.

I didn’t want to send her that answer. What if she was offended? But, what else could I do? That was the answer I had received. So I sent it off and I waited for her response. And I waited and waited and waited. She never responded. I was certain she was mad, and I felt terrible.

Two days before my next class, Joyce responded. Sorry for taking so long she said, but life happens. Your answer about my headaches was right on target. I have had migraines for 21 years. Very intuitive, you are doing great! I have another question for you — what was the universe trying to tell me about my last experience? This time, I got an immediate answer — slow down and don’t be in such a hurry I said. This time she came back right away.

I have fallen several times and broken two ribs so slowing down I have. Now, I have another question, will I be teaching something new? Again, I got an immediate answer, stick to what you do best so nothing new at this time.

I could hardly believe my success and I could no longer claim that it was a fluke or even a lucky coincidence. This was absolutely incredible!

Kathryn agreed and she said, “I think you have accomplished all of your goals and you have all the tools you need to be an intuitive master. I looked at her like she was crazy. Had I heard her right? She thinks I’m an intuitive master? I don’t think so. Intuitive apprentice — maybe.

I know you are looking at me like, now what, she said. But it is true, you are done with my classes. OK, I said. I couldn’t argue. But why was this so easy? Usually when you want to learn something, like playing the piano for instance, you have to practice forever to be good. This required little or no effort on my part.

It is easy Kathryn said because it is an inherent ability that everyone has. You just needed someone to teach you how to do it. Now, she said, you just have to decide how you will use it. To begin with just use it in your life. That made sense, too. I didn’t have a clue as to how else I would use it.

But I did know one thing for sure, and I told her that day very specifically that I would not be putting out my psychic shingle to give readings for people. Oh no, I was positive that was not for me. She smiled and said she didn’t see that for me either. In thinking back, I think she did see that for me, but she knew if she would have told me, I would have freaked out, and she would have been right!

My sense had always been that I would somehow use my abilities to help other people who had lost a child or who had some other significant loss. Roger and I were in on the ground floor of the Compassionate Friends group that had recently started in our town. I went to the meetings faithfully, because I felt sure at some point I would be able to share with the group all of the signs and messages I had received from Liz and how I had found Kathryn and how much she had helped me.

But it didn’t happen. What really happened was that I would go to the meetings and I would get in the room with all of the other parents and the sadness that would pervade the room would all seem to settle on me. And I was absolutely worthless. Sometimes I couldn’t even talk, I would just cry. As soon as the meeting was over and I left the room and drove home I was fine.

It took a while, but I finally realized that this wasn’t going to be my niche as I had first thought. I wasn’t like most grieving parents. Because of what I had experienced I didn’t see things the way most grieving people do. I don’t mean to sound like I’m better than they are, that is not the case at all. I’m just different, and that’s OK.

I came home and I told my friend Julie that I had graduated and I was now an intuitive master. A little while later I got an email from her asking if I would try to talk to her brother who had passed about a year ago. His wife and children were not dealing with his death very well and she wondered what she could do to help. I would try I told her. I got information and answers rather easily and I rather enjoyed doing it, and she seemed to feel the answers I gave her sounded very much like the way her brother would have said them.

I was really surprised that I found this to be so enjoyable. I started to think because I know how to do this; I need to keep doing it. But how can I? Maybe Kathryn would put my name on her web site and I could do email readings for people. It was a thought. All I could do was ask her. She thought it was a great idea. There are so many people that have questions and I just don’t have time to answer them all she said.

So I was now on her web site. I was out of the closet so to speak. Anyone who went to her site would see that I was now an intuitive. But it didn’t scare me in the least. It was who I was and I wasn’t going to hide it. I didn’t much care who saw it or if they believed it to be true. The classes I had taken from Kathryn were truly life changing for me, and I saw my newfound gifts as my way to help others and to help the universe at the same time. And I couldn’t deny that it was fun to be able to do something that most people didn’t think they could do.

Since that time, I have done quite a few email readings for people, and, I don’t want to mislead you. I don’t always get it right. But I do what I can, I hope for the best, and I always ask God to help me.

I continue to have new and amazing experiences. One summer night, I went to the cemetery to water my flowers. When I left, I could feel many deceased spirits all lined up and ready to talk to me, and I didn’t know any of them. This was a new feeling for me, but it didn’t bother me because I knew I had complete control over the situation.

I thought, no way, I’m not going to allow this. There would be no point. Oh, I could listen to these people, they were nice enough, that wasn’t the issue. But I didn’t know any of them. What could I possibly do with the information they were going to give me? It was pointless and I told them so and sent them all on their way.

The next day I emailed Kathryn to tell her of this new event in my intuitive life. I sure don’t know what the purpose of that was. I would never call someone up that I didn’t know out of the blue to tell them they had a message from their …. Uncle George. I guess it was just a learning experience for me.

As soon as I sent off that message to Kathryn, a kind, elderly gentleman popped into mind. He was the only one there so I decided I would talk to him. He said, I’m Uncle George, and I’m connected to Kathryn. When she responds to your email, please tell her that I am here. I don’t have much to say right now, but I am here to prove to both of you that what you are now experiencing is very real. I am the link that will prove that.

OK I said. It was Thursday, and I waited for Kathryn to email me. She didn’t respond until the following Monday. But it was fine. Uncle George was always with me, but he didn’t talk to me unless I talked to him, and I could tune him out whenever I needed to.

On Monday, Kathryn emailed me to tell me how happy she was that my intuitive gifts were continuing to grow and get stronger. You get more powerfully psychic every day, isn’t it fun?

I emailed her back and told her of this kind, elderly gentleman I had with me. He says he’s connected to you. He says he’s Uncle George. And it seems very important to call him Uncle George, and not just George. Does this make any sense to you? If not, I need to send him on his way.

This time Kathryn came back right away. That must be my Uncle George Dewey she said; he was always the quiet one, in a family that was never quiet. He always talked to me when I was a kid and he always told me that everything would be OK. He was my favorite uncle. Thanks!

I could not believe it! And it didn’t take long for the significance of what had just happened to hit me. Kathryn and I had come full circle. I had come to her for a reading with my daughter, and now here I was giving her a reading with her uncle! It was something that I never in a million years would have thought possible. But it also confirmed for me why I had felt so connected to her from the minute we first met.

In August, 2006 I was contacted by USA Today. They had done an in depth study of all fatal off-campus house fires across the US since 2000. They were going to run a large article that would focus on prevention and it would run just in time for students moving into off-campus housing for the upcoming school year. I was thrilled and happy to play a small part in keeping other parents from experiencing the devastating loss of a vibrant young adult.

When I learned the article would run on August 30th, I emailed everyone to tell them. The next morning I was so excited. I stopped at the store and bought 3 copies of the paper. I couldn’t wait to get to my desk so I could read it.

But when I read the article, my world came crashing down, and the senselessness of not only Liz’s death, but the deaths of the 60 some other kids who had died in a similar manner hit me in such a powerful way. I was devastated and all of the raw emotion of 9-20-03 once again bubbled up and grabbed me. I was also very mad at myself for not anticipating my reaction. How could you have been so naïve? How could you possibly think this article would make you happy? I threw the paper on the back credenza of my office and tried hard to put it out of my mind. But I couldn’t because I had a steady stream of people coming to my office throughout the day to see the article.

Late that morning I got an email from Liz’s high school French teacher. Jan had been Liz’s favorite teacher and we had kept in touch after her death. She had been one of the many I had emailed the day before so I assumed she was writing about the article. She wasn’t.

She said, “Kim, you will just treasure this.” I was in my classroom yesterday cleaning out my files to get ready for a new school year. A lone file folder fell on the floor. I picked it up and on the outside I read “Liz Wencl Essay.” I opened it up and I found an assignment I had given out over 4 years ago. The assignment was to write a letter in French to one of your parents, telling them what they represent in your life. “Kim, she said, this is a letter that Liz wrote to you!”

Now, I don’t speak French so Jan translated it for me. That letter was a mother’s dream. Liz told me how much she loved and missed me in so many different ways. And amazingly, the letter was written in such a way that it made complete sense for today’s circumstance. Suddenly, what had been a very difficult day, became a very amazing and wonderful one.

Dear Mom,
I know that you love me. You show me each day that it is true. Don’t think you are a bad mother. It isn’t true! When I look at you I realize how much I am loved.

When you are feeling bad, don’t forget that I truly love you. I would like to be a better daughter. We argue sometimes and that makes me sad. I feel bad and unhappy if you cry.

I remember when I was little and you would hug me and say, “I love you so much, Lizzie. Sweetheart, sit here with me for just a little while. Those times were so special for me and you made me so happy, and I felt like nothing could ever hurt me. I use to wish those moments would never end. To be cuddled up next to you like that today would be like a dream come true.

Mom, I feel sad when you feel sad. And, when you are happy, I am happy! You are my mother and I would never choose anyone else. Without you, I would never be who I am.

I love you with all my heart.


That night Jan brought the folder and letter to my house. She put it in my hands and she said, “You have to know this was no accident.” I said, “oh Jan, believe me I do know that.”

She went on to tell me that she remembered telling Liz what a beautiful letter it was and she had encouraged her to share it with me. She even remembered what Liz’s comment had been — “I will when the time is right.”

I began to feel that I needed to share my story. But, you have to know that I have gone through the majority of my life telling myself that there some things I would NEVER do. Public speaking was first on the list. But I also felt a tug from the Universe that I needed to share my journey, and if I stepped out in faith, I would be helped to do it.

Kathryn Harwig holds a monthly Forum that features a guest speaker. I gingerly emailed her and said, “If you ever get really desperate and need a speaker, I would do it – if you think my story is worth telling?” Ten months later, on April 20, 2007 I was the speaker. I prepared for months and at times I would think – what on earth have I done? How can I do this? Public speaking was one thing, but to talk about the painful details of my daughter’s death? What on earth was I thinking?

The night arrived and I was as cool as a cucumber. I was able to give my talk with emotion, but without becoming emotional. And I even enjoyed it!

When my talk was over a woman came up and introduced herself to me. She told me she was the sister of one of my co-workers … in fact Troy sat right next to me … how ironic I thought … this is a company of over 800 people and my co-worker’s sister is present at an event that is 80 miles from my home!

But I was also very concerned. I hadn’t shared many of my experiences with my co-workers. I was sure that Terese would go home and call Troy and tell him all about my talk … I worried all weekend.

I went to work on Monday and braced myself for the many questions I was sure Troy would be asking me. But he never said anything. By mid-afternoon I was baffled … even a tad disappointed. He walked into my office to get something … he had his back towards me and I thought, should I tell him I met his sister? Why not.

Impulsively I said, Troy, do you have a sister named Terese who lives in the cities? Immediately he turned around … his face was filled with emotion. Well, I have a sister named Terese but I have no idea where she is. She moved to California over 8 years ago and no one has ever heard from her? We don’t know if she is alive or dead.

I just could not believe it! I said, “Troy I met her last Friday night at a talk I was giving in the cities!!” I told Troy that I go to these gatherings often and if I saw Terese again did he have a message he wanted me to convey? “Just tell her to send me an email,” he said. I went back to the Forum the next month, but no Terese. I did not see her again. I was so disappointed. Every now and then Troy would pop his head over the partition and say,”Have you seen Terese”? No, I would say, but I’m going to keep looking.

One afternoon, several months later, Troy excitedly called me to his desk – listen to this he said as he put the receiver in my hand. I put the phone to my ear and heard a message from Terese, She wanted to make contact. I don’t know who was more excited Troy or me.

I walked back to my desk only to find I had a phone mail message from Kathryn. Call me right away, she said, you are not going to believe what has happened. Immediately I “knew” what she was going to tell me. Terese had gone to Kathryn for a reading and Kathryn had told her she needed to contact her brother.

I wish I could say their meeting brought about the fairy tale ending I had hoped for. It did not. There is a lot of pain on both sides and I do not know if it will ever be resolved. But I also realized – that this was not my issue. My purpose was to bring them together. Whatever happened after that was not to be my concern.

This experience proved to me that when you listen to the voice of intuition and follow, amazing things happen. Situations and circumstances occur that are so intricate and detailed that there is no way they can be chalked up to mere coincidence.

Intuition is a gift that everyone has … it is always our choice whether to listen and follow.

These past six years have been absolutely amazing … I never could have imagined that out of such a painful experience of losing a daughter would have come so many amazing experiences … all led by the hand of God. It brings me so much comfort and peace … but most of all, it brings me JOY. After all, what every mother wants for her child is that they be safe and happy and that they call home once in a while. I can safely say, I do have all of that with both of my daughters.

I continue to speak and to write whenever I have the opportunity. I believe this is my life’s purpose. I want people to know that intuition is a God-given gift that is available to everyone. It is a matter of being quiet, asking – listening – trusting and following … no matter how far it takes you from your comfort zone. God will be there to support and cheer you on every step of the way.

So, after all of this, you may be wondering, would I change anything if I could? You bet I would. I would have wanted Liz to stay. I would like to think that somehow we could have worked things out, and our world would have been a better place if she had stayed. But, in the end, I respect and understand her decision to leave. After all, she has made me a better person because of it. She opened a new door for me that I never thought I would walk through.

And, we are still connected. Granted, it’s certainly not the relationship that I thought we would have, but the important thing is we still have a relationship. And it continues to move to a new level. When Liz was here, she saw me as simply her mother. I was there to take care of her and provide for her needs. She couldn’t see that I was also a person outside of being a mother — that I had goals, wants, and desires that were separate from being a mother.

In the same way, I no longer need to mother her. She can now stand on her own and function as a whole person. I don’t need to worry about her any longer. We can now relate to each other in a new and different way — as souls who are forever joined. And one day, I will walk through that veil that still separates us and we will be completely united. I look forward to that day. But for now, I am so very happy and grateful for all I have been given. It is a sacred trust that will not be broken. And the source of it all is God — a God who is there for each of us. I am not a special person set apart from the rest. If God can do this for me, he can do this for anyone. All you have to do is ask. Then set your intentions, and be watchful, accepting and thankful for whatever it is you receive. And above all, remember Love is the key.

So, this is my story. I struggle with how to end it because it doesn’t have an ending. It still continues today and will go on tomorrow and the all the days that follow. I will end with the one thing in all of this that I think is most important — LOVE. It truly does not die, and the bond we all share with those we love is never broken, not even by death. I believe my story is living, breathing testament to that, and I hope that thought comforts you as much as it does me, and I wish each of you a very happy, safe and love-filled journey.


On November 17, 2009, Margaret Speckien, who is the mother of Amanda who died with Liz, passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly. It is still so shocking and unbelievable. Our families have gathered each September for the past six years to share our pain and our sorrows, but most of all to remember and celebrate the lives of our children. Margaret’s death is yet another devastating loss for us to grapple with. But at the same time, I had conflicted feelings because Margaret is now reunited with her daughter Mandy, and for that I was happy. Brian’s parents, Rich and Dar drove in from Wisconsin and we sat together at the funeral. Two times during the service the minister mentioned us, the families of the students who had died with Amanda. I was very surprised to say the least. There was a time of sharing during the service, and anyone who wanted to, could come forward and say a few words.

I can’t even begin to describe, understand, or explain that moment, but I knew I would go up. I didn’t know what I would say – but yet I did know. After a couple of others had spoken I knew it was now … or never, so I stood up and walked quietly to the front. It wasn’t easy. My voice trembled and shook, but I introduced myself, and told the mourners that I was here with my husband Roger and my daughter Anna as were the Heiden’s – Rich, Darlene, and their daughter Beth. Our kids, Brian and Liz, had died with Mandy back on 9-20-03, I told the group.

I related that how as parents we had come together each September to share our joy and our sadness. We had all gathered just this past September 27th at Jim and Margaret’s home, and we could never have imagined that we would be here again, so soon, to say good-bye to Margaret. I was so sad for her loss … but I could only imagine the joy she must now have after being reunited with her beloved Mandy. My solace was in the knowing that one day we will all be together again I said.

I left the podium and walked back to my seat. The congregation burst out into spontaneous applause. After I sat down and had a few minutes to pull myself together and breathe, I was filled with total joy and happiness. I could feel Margaret and Mandy and Liz all there, thanking me and cheering me on for what I had done. It was a feeling like no other. Although I am so sad for Margaret’s husband Jim and other daughter, Emily, I am thrilled for her and Mandy, and I look forward to my own reunion with my Liz one day.


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